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VerifyBC Uses Blockchain to Verify Credentials


Trust, but VerifyBC

VerifyBC is for anyone with professional credentials, any organization that hires professionals or any consumer of professional services.

Three significant trends have created a need for VerifyBC:

  • there is an eroding level of trust almost everywhere,
  • it is easier than ever to lie online,
  • blockchain provides a better way to authenticate claims. 

The current system to verify a person’s credentials is analog and clunky.  VerifyBC uses Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology to seamlessly verify people’s online credentials with one click. Making it easier and less expensive to verify online claims makes it easier to trust any claims.

Although lack of trust and lying online creates huge problems for organizations, costing them dollars, brand, and reputation, most are powerless to streamline the process, lower the cost, and expand the market. 

And the problem is only getting worse.




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Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Albert Einstein



LinkedIn Search Uncovers False Credentials

"We stumbled on some things that most might not consider legitimate credentials," Trina Paul, a senior and an editor of the Pittsburgh High School newspaper, told the Kansas City Star. Within days of the students publishing their story, principal Amy Robertson had resigned from her $93,000-a-year position. She said she obtained both master's and doctorate degrees from a Corllins University, whose existence the U.S. Department of Education has no evidence of, and reportedly swiped a commencement photo Wake Forest University in North Carolina used for its own marketing,

Robertson is far from alone in touting a pedigree that includes a degree from Corllins, described in multiple news stories as a diploma. A recent search of LinkedIn found 745 people, including public-safety workers, lawyers, engineers, educators and federal government employees, holding degrees from Corllins. 

The career-oriented social network's listings of Corllins grads include a computer scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, a personal assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State in Washington, D.C., an executive director of consumer and community banking at JPMorgan Chase in Texas and a flight nurse with an air evacuation team in the Lone Star State."

Source: Kate Gibson  MONEYWATCH May 9, 2017



Enormous Trade in Fake Qualifications Revealed

In 2015, Axact sold more than 215,000 fake qualifications globally, through approximately 350 fictitious high schools and universities, making $51m (£37.5m) that year alone.

Former FBI agent Allen Ezell, who has been investigating diploma mills since the 1980s, said: "So as long as paper has a value, there's going to be somebody that counterfeits it and prints it and sells it. Employers are not doing their due diligence in checking out the papers, so it makes it work."

By Helen Clifton, Matthew Chapman and Simon Cox BBC News January 16, 2018



Spanish Politicians Claim False Degrees

Two leading Spanish politicians are facing calls to resign over claims they faked their master’s degrees.

Stephen Burgen The Guardian April 10 2018



 This blockchain solution streamlines processes, cuts cost, and creates new revenue streams.

This blockchain solution streamlines processes, cuts cost, and creates new revenue streams.


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